Mission & Goals

We believe...

...That social involvement is linked to successful employment, independence, self-confidence and inclusion.  

... Friends are the sunshine of life.

...Learning is a life long process and the knowledge empowers.

...Community involvement creates a higher quality of life and opens new doors.

...People with intellectual disabilities who …

  • continue to learn new skills

  • develop supportive social networks

  • are integrated into their communities

have a greater chance of successfully living in a supported or independent setting.

...A community of individuals with intellectual disabilities can be an inclusive part of the community-at-large and add to the fabric of society.

Who we serve

The Sunshine Social Club serves adults with intellectual disabilities who have the goal for supported and/or independent living in the greater Central Indiana area.   

Our Funding

We are self-sustaining and funded by

  • Special events

  • Donations

  • Memberships

  • Grants


We have no affiliation with United Way. 

Our Goals

We will create educational opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities that….

  • Nurtures greater independence

  • Promotes self-confidence 

  • Develops skills that aid employment

  • Teaches skills necessary for supported and/or independent living 

We will find meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members.

We will create small group programming and large group social activities.

We will create Independent Living Retreats that will provide opportunities for communal living, learning & volunteering.

We will partner with local and national universities and organizations to promote our goals.

We will pursue small business opportunities for our members.

We will build a community for adults with intellectual disabilities in Boone County.           


4025 East Whitestown Parkway, Lebanon, IN 46052


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